A Saigon food tour will give you more knowledge about Vietnam’s culture. Today, let’s take a look at the top 5 street restaurants serving noodles in crab chowder, or “Bun Rieu” in Vietnamese. It is regarded as a must-try dish in Ho Chi Minh City.

7 Bun Rieu Restaurant


7 bun rieu

In case you get hungry at night and crave for Saigon street food, the 7 Bun Rieu Restaurant will be the place you need to come to. It is opened from 6.30 pm to about 1-2 am. Despite being a street restaurant, it has a stable location. But you may want to follow the signboard if you find it difficult to look for it.

After ordering, your dish will be served within 2-3 minutes. You will see various ingredients get spooned out from the large pots and poured into your bowl. Tomatoes, pig blood pudding, tofu, and grilled chopped crab are several examples. They are simmered together in a pot to make the broth more flavorful.

You will find some other pots containing all kinds of processed ingredients, such as pig’s trotters, baloneys, and vegetables. When all of them are mixed, your dish is full of taste and has a pretty red color of tomatoes.

  • Address: 122 Hau Giang Street, Ward 6, District 6

Bun Rieu Bach Tuoc Restaurant

A common Bun Rieu dish contains grilled chopped crab or dry shrimps. However, Bun Rieu that has an octopus is quite strange to tourists. This is also a special feature which attracts numerous connoisseurs to Bun Rieu Bach Tuoc Street Restaurant.


Bun rieu with octopus

Although it offers a meal delivery service, you should come to the restaurant and sit on a plastic stool to enjoy a scalding bowl of Bun Rieu. The most impressive ingredient here is obviously the octopus. Its tone is turned into orange after being boiled in the crab broth, which makes the octopus look even more delicious.

A full dish in this restaurant consists of a pig’s trotter, grilled chopped crab, octopus, and pork liver. And a bowl of Bun Rieu cannot be without fish sauce mixed with tamarind extract and chili peppers. Make sure you try it to fully feel the extraordinary taste of the dish.

  • Address: Number 25, Sector F, Nguyen Thi Tan Street, Ward 3, District 8

Thanh Hai Restaurant


Thanh Hai restaurant

If you want to look for some Northern flavors in Saigon cuisines, Bun Rieu in Thanh Hai Restaurant will satisfy you. Having been opened for over 30 years in Ho Chi Minh City, it was an ideal destination for both travelers and local people.

The nice smell of the broth will be the first feature that captures your attention. When the dish is brought out, you can even feel the mild scent of shrimp paste, which is extremely stimulating. Northern citizens don’t often use many spices while cooking so the broth has a natural taste from stewed pig’s bones and tomatoes.

Therefore, you only need to add some lemonade into your bowl of Bun Rieu before enjoying it. Another exciting ingredient that you can find is the shellfishes. They are stir-fried with citronella and secret spices of the restaurant. So you will feel something crunchy and crispy in your mouth while chewing.

  • Address: 14/12 Ky Dong Street, Ward 9, District 3

Bun Rieu Dalat Restaurant

Dalat City is always popular for unusual and excellent food. Bun Rieu in Dalat came to Saigon over 10 years ago and gradually became one of the most common dishes. The Bun Rieu Dalat Restaurant on Co Giang Street is a prominent destination where you can find this special dish.


Bun Rieu Dalat

The nutty flavor is one difference between Bun Rieu in Dalat and in Saigon at A dish in the restaurant looks mouth-watering with fried tofu, crab, pig blood pudding, and pig’s trotters. The broth is more likely sweet and a little sour in the tip of your tongue when you take the first bite. But it gets milder coming down to your throat.

Unlike other Bun Rieu in other places, which leaves a relatively strong taste, the dish of Bun Rieu Dalat restaurant is nutty and pleasant to eat. Also, the food here is served neatly and clean. It can win the heart of any diners.

  • Address: 87 Co Giang Street, Co Giang Ward, District 1

Ong Tien Restaurant


Bun Rieu Ong Tien

You will find one of the best dishes in Saigon in Ong Tien Street Restaurant. Situated in the alley opposite to Phu Nhuan Market, it welcomes thousands of tourists and local citizens every day. Although space is a little small, the restaurant looks incredibly enticing. You can feel your mouth watering while looking at the cute little glass drawers containing ingredients and the sweet-smelling pot of crab broth.

Ong Tien Restaurant serves bowls of Bun Rieu with familiar elements, such as pork liver, grilled chopped crab, tomatoes, tofu, and shellfishes. Nonetheless, they outnumber those in other restaurants. It is normal if you cannot see the noodles when the dish is brought out. All other ingredients have covered it.

Hence, Ong Tien Restaurant can be an excellent spot for you to fulfill your stomach at the end of a Saigon food tour.

  • Address: 96/1/5F Phan Dinh Phung Street, Phu Nhuan District

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