Top 5 breakfasts in Saigon to discover Vietnam cuisine


Discovering the cuisine of a country is also a way to discover its people and traditions. Today, let’s take a look at 5 best breakfasts in Saigon to find out whether Vietnam cuisine is like what you thought it would be.

Saute bread (Bánh mì chảo)


Sauté bread Saigon

Saute bread is the best Vietnam food in the morning that can give you enough energy for a long day. It depends on the specific recipe of each restaurant that saute bread has different foods to come with. However, a common dish is composed of two sunny-side-up eggs, sausages, ham, jambon, and liver pate. All are placed on a pan.

The secret lies in the eggs, which need to have a certain consistency and still melt when your pork touches them. To do that, they must be fried on medium heat and done to a turn. The more skillful the cook is, the tastier the dish can be.

If the bread that comes with it is baked until hot and crispy, your saute bread will be perfect. After adding some peppers, green onions, and vegetables, you can enjoy the dish immediately. This is a common food to Saigon people due to the harmony of all flavors just on a small pan.

Broken rice (Cơm tấm)


Broken rice Saigon

This is an original dish from Southern Vietnam, which has been spread to all regions in the country and even foreign nations. Nevertheless, according to various connoisseurs, only in Saigon can broken rice has its unique flavor. The main ingredient of the dish is the rest of the rice after it is crushed and ground. Because there is still bran in it, broken rice is very delicious and nutritious.

Therefore, it provides you with enough nutrients for a whole day of working or traveling. The most common foods that come with this dish are ribs, fish sauce, and fried purple onions. Having diverse flavors and many colors from ingredients, broken rice is one of the top breakfasts in Saigon.

Although it has a lot of variants with pork or meat pies at the moment, the traditional recipe is preferred the most.

Beef noodle soup (Bún bò)


Beef noodle soup saigon

You can find beef noodle soup almost everywhere in Saigon. The citizens have it for not only breakfast but also lunch and dinner. Starting from Central Vietnam, the dish has rapidly spread to Southern Vietnam and become one of the best Saigon foods.

After it is imported into Saigon, the cooks have reduced the spiciness and increased the sweetness in its broth. Particularly, the pig feet is added to make the dish more complete and meet the flavors of people in Southern Vietnam. 

To satisfy clients, most restaurants in Saigon make the broth by stewing beef bones and ribs in 10 to 12 hours instead of adding seasoning powder. That is why beef noodle soup always has a bland flavor, bringing us a nice warm meal in the morning. There is nothing better than sitting in the restaurant in winter and enjoy a hot bowl of beef noodle soup.

Steamed rolled rice pancake (Bánh cuốn)


Steamed rolled rice pancake saigon

When you cannot decide what to eat in Vietnam for breakfast, steamed rolled rice pancakes will be an excellent option. Original from Northern Vietnam, the dish has been “Saigonized” and strongly affected by cuisines of the Chinese living in Saigon.

In Northern Vietnam, steamed rolled rice pancake comes with fried purple onions and roasted cinnamon pork. But in Saigon, it comes with sweet-and-sour fish sauce and chili peppers. Besides common foods such as fermented pork roll, you will find having the dish with purple taro cakes very interesting.

Don’t miss the chance to try a steamed rolled rice pancake when visiting Saigon. It will tell you the most precious values of Southern cuisines. There are a lot of restaurants serving steamed rolled rice pancakes in the city so looking for them is very easy.

Beef cooked with brine (Bò kho)


Beef cooked with brine saigon

At first glance, beef cooked with brine is somehow similar to ragu or curry in Western countries. Nonetheless, this breakfast dish is completely different. It is much milder than curry in both of its outlook and taste. The broth of beef cooked with brine is less consistent and its flavor is also not as mature as curry.

In fact, the dish has an exclusively sweet taste, which shows a unique Vietnam cuisine and is perfectly fit with the eating habits of people from Southern Vietnam. That is why it is not only a common breakfast but also a famous food to eat between meals.

Because its broth is quite watery so the dish often comes with bread, rice, or noodles. Hence, sometimes, you will see some restaurants serve beef-cooked-with-brine noodle as a special dish. It is simply a variant of the originally popular dish that we love.

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