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A day with Saigon food tour

Ho Chi Minh City, as known as Saigon, is the most dynamic and developed city in Vietnam. Understanding your desire to explore every corner of local life as well as culture, streetfoodofsaigon takes the pleasure in guiding you in one of the most-wanted tours in the city ever: Saigon food […]


Specialty Broken Rice in Saigon Food Tours

Saigon is a land of multiculturalism, thus cuisine of Saigon mixed flavors of many regions. And broken rice is very popular in South Vietnam, this type of cooked rice is also found in others places in the Central, Northern and overseas. Although not honored as Pho but broken rice has […]


Saigon food tours – impressing luxury food streets

When it comes to Saigon food tours, nobody can ignore the attractive street foods at here. Because It is delicious, nutritious and cheap. However, tourists should one time stop here, visit and enjoy the luxury dishes at famous food streets listed in Saigon. 1, Saigon Garden Mentioning to this complex […]