If you are craving for a dose of history mixed with exotic culture, Vietnam is waiting for your exploration! But do you know how to happily travel to Vietnam? Let’s check out some Vietnam traveling tips!

How to bargain in Vietnam?

Bargain in Vietnam

How to bargain in Vietnam? (Source: Internet)

Unlike Europe or North America, where most prices are fixed and well noted, Vietnam, like many other developing countries, likes to play it hidden. Therefore, haggling in Vietnam is not an intimidating, annoying, and time-consuming task but a whole cultural experience. You know what? Many people even choose a Vietnam tour to experience by themselves because of what they have read in some Vietnam travel reviews.

In Vietnam, it is not wise to right away take the first price offered to you whether it is for a hotel room, a motorbike ride, a trip to Halong Bay, or a motorbike ride, almost everything (between individuals or even with travel agencies and tour operator) can be negotiable. How can you prevent yourself from ruining your trip by getting too worked up over money?

The rule of thumb is that before haggling, you need to know the price of certain things. In Vietnam, asking directly how much something cost is not a social taboo. So, do not hesitate to say: “Can you give some discount?” or “It’s too expensive for me”. Start with two third of the quoted price! If your effort is no use in haggling, just walk away! If you have offered a fair price and been rejected the trader will normally call you back and agree. If all the shops offer you the same price, it is exactly what you should be paying for. Another trick to bargain in Vietnam is to do it in Vietnamese, which makes the local vendors think you live there and hopefully, they will tell you the most reasonable price.

How to cross the streets in Vietnam?

How to cross the streets in Vietnam

How to cross the streets in Vietnam (Source: Internet)

You think that it is ridiculous to learn how to cross the streets in Vietnam? Once you have set foot in busy cities like Hanoi capital city and especially Ho Chi Minh City, you will realize how bad your mistake is. On any normal day, crossing the road in Ho Chi Minh City, the city of over six million populations with the motorbike being the most preferred mode of transportation, is an utterly terrifying act. Of course, the first advice is to respect the traffic law and consequently set the example for others. Do not let the incredible volume of motorbikes on the road make you feel scared!

If there are locals in your entourage, it is highly recommended to enlist their help! Vietnamese people are really famous for their friendliness and they are all more than happy to help you cross the streets.

Busy street in Hanoi

Busy street in Hanoi (Source: Internet)

If you have to do it alone, all you have to do while crossing is walk out with confidence, take it slow and don’t panic. Walk as slowly as possible, but whatever you do, don’t stop either. Keep moving at an even pace means that you are likely to make it to the other side safe and sound. Crossing the street in Vietnam does sound dangerous, but it’s also a lot of fun once your feet cross the pavement to the other side.

How many days to spend in Vietnam?

Depending on how many destinations you want to visit in Vietnam, the length of your holiday can be different. If you choose Vietnam’s capital city, it is a good idea to spend a couple of days in the city, 2 or 3 days in Halong Bay for an overnight cruise to enjoy the karst islands and a few days in the mountains at Sapa where you can do some trekking to these peaceful remote villages, experience homestay, mingle with the ethnic people, and visit some towering waterfalls, etc. before back to Hanoi.


Dalat (Source: Internet)

If you choose Ho Chi Minh City, after few days in town, you could take a 2-day trip to the Mekong Delta, then head up to the romantic town of Dalat for 1 day, then perhaps to Phu Quoc where you can go island hopping and also enjoy the beach before returning to Saigon. They are all do-it-yourself itinerary. However, if you prefer a pre-arranged tour, let streetfoodofsaigon be your fellow travelers!

No matter how many days you have in Vietnam, you will have a great range of things to do and see.