Saigon street food and its reputed nostalgic eateries

There are clearly a lot of things to do when traveling in Saigon. The list varies from food and beverage to sightseeing and relaxation as well as recreation. However, if not discovering Saigon in an accurate way, you would probably be easily skipping many interesting experiences that show the true […]


Saigon with four favorite specialties

Our country is more and more recognized as the World’s prominent cuisine industry. And the best way to prove it is through the best Vietnam culinary tours. A lot of people admit that Thai food, Chinese food, Mexican food or French food are probably the best types of cuisine the […]


Noodle Soup – The Favorite Saigon Food

Noodle soup is a mainstream Saigon food which many people love. In Saigon, there is a variety kind of noodle soup varying from the original one with many different names. Each kind has a different taste and some suitable spices such as beef, octopus, chicken and so on. Also, noodle […]


Top 4 Saigon street foods must-try

Saigon food, a convergence of culinary culture typical of many regions. The delicious dishes are not only served in restaurants, diners, but also gastronomy as well as a "maze" that you cannot escape. Saigon sidewalk snacks have a popular price, but the taste of delicious food, strange flavor that anyone […]


A Tailor-Made Tour In Saigon: Street Food Tour

For anyone who has a passion for traveling in Vietnam is also desired to create their own unique vacation. However, sometimes it's difficult to put things all together – booking flights, hotels, choosing the best itineraries and booking the best guides – can get too much. That's where a tailor-made […]


Explore different kinds of Che in three Vietnam regions

As the weather in Vietnam is turning up the heat, one of the most favorite desserts during the hot summer months of Vietnamese is Che (Vietnamese sweet soup). A special thing is that from North to South of Vietnam, Che has different types featuring the regional flavors of each region. If […]


What is Hủ Tiếu and where to find the best of it

If Phở is the soul of Hanoi food, then Hủ Tiếu is what makes Saigon compete in the race. Vietnamese food is gradually winning your hearts due to its specialty in flavor and diverse in ingredients. Not to mention, serving fresh veggies in most of the dishes we have is […]