Month: September 2018


What to know about Vietnamese fish sauce

We might have all had the taste of Vietnamese fish sauce at some point, be it ladled over noodle salad known as bún bò xào, stirred into soup, or slathered on Vietnamese grilled pork and noodles (bún thịt nướng) on your Vietnam culinary tours. But how many of us actually […]



Vietnamese bread nowadays is voted as one of the best street food in all over the world. Foreign visitors coming to Saigon food tours are not strange to this anymore. A loaf of bread is quite cheap but will give you enough nutrients, that is also the reason why this […]

Fried fish with wild vegetables and lotus leaves

Specialties in Southwest of Vietnam cuisine

Due to its topographic and economic characteristics, southwest of Vietnamese cuisine has been created by the river’s waterways, where the main food source is rice, fish, and vegetables. A unique feature that you cannot ignore when taking part in Vietnam food tour. Southwest land of Vietnam is the place where […]



Mui Ne – Phan Thiet is one of the most unique tourist destinations in Vietnam, where you have just been immersed in fascinating beaches, experienced the desert on the vast sand dunes. Mui Ne is also traveling spot known by a huge number of foreign people. It is attractive to […]


Explore a traditional hotpot of Vietnam – Mam hotpot

Saigon day tours today will introduce you a specialty of the Southwest people – Mam hotpot. Mam Hotpot – a traditional dish of Saigon day tours has long been a favorite dish for many people because of its taste which is very delicious, salty enough and its fragrance that can […]


Find something special in Saigon through peaceful alleys

When you are on the big streets in Saigon, you can find many shops, restaurants, or shopping places easily. You might wonder where to go in Saigon. Then give it a try to some of the unique alleys that a few people know about. This will be an extremely interesting experience for […]

Saigon-Flea-Market -hellovietnam

Explore what you can buy in Weekend Markets in Saigon

If you ever try to take a South Vietnam group tours, you might want to go to Weekend Markets in Saigon to experience one of the unique events in this active city. In this writing, you will find the most popular and famous events during the weekend of this city. Give it a try. The […]


Attracted by French architect in Saigon

Saigon is always famous for having the beautiful architecture of French. Essential Vietnam tours will give you the best time ever. Do not believe me? Give it a try. Vietnam is famous for having many unique French architecture buildings. And in this writing, let’s find out top places to visit in Southern Vietnam. Notre […]


The use of herbs and spice in Vietnamese gastronomy

Either you are attending a Southern or Northern Vietnam food tour, you may always find that Vietnam cuisine literally bears a distinctive aroma when put on the scale against other neighboring countries. Graham Holliday, an author of the book Eating Vietnam admitted that the harmony of spice and herbs has […]


Southern Vietnam cuisine | What to eat in Mekong Delta

Apart from the tropical natural landscapes, Southern Vietnamese cuisine, especially Mekong Delta specialties are the ones you should not skip when visiting this area. It can be explained due to the fact that Mekong Delta is a special region covered with an immense network of rivers and canals, along with […]