Month: June 2018


Bot Chien – the snack of the people in Saigon

It is a big mistake if you miss Bot Chien during your Saigon food tour as it is one of the most famous must-eat dishes in Saigon. Coming to Saigon, mentioning about Saigon cuisine, the visitors will easily think about Broken rice. However, Saigon food guides will show you the […]


Top 5 breakfasts in Saigon to discover Vietnam cuisine

Discovering the cuisine of a country is also a way to discover its people and traditions. Today, let’s take a look at 5 best breakfasts in Saigon to find out whether Vietnam cuisine is like what you thought it would be. Saute bread (Bánh mì chảo) Sauté bread Saigon Saute […]