A Saigon food tour is always one of the things that tourists expected the most when visiting Southern Vietnam. Because vegan food in this city is both delicious and good for health, Saigon has become a promised land for vegetarians for such a long time. The following restaurants will be the most ideal destinations for vegans to come this summer.

Thanh Luong Vegetarian Restaurant


Thanh Luong vegetarian restaurant

Thanh Luong Restaurant will give you a different view on Saigon cuisine. This will be the first time which you ever discover that not all dishes in Southern Vietnam are sweet.

The restaurant is simple but very airy. Also, the menu is quite diverse with many types of food. Especially, dishes that have sauces here are highly praised by various connoisseurs. The last day of a month or the 15th day of the Lunar month is usually the busiest time in the restaurant.

So you can have the vegan food ordered and shipped. The quality is just the same.

  • Address: 545A 3/2 Street, Ward 8, District 10

Vegan Hu Tieu Cay De – Le Van Sy


Hu Tieu cay de vegetarian food

If you like elegant-designed restaurants, Hu Tieu Cay De – Le Van Sy will be a perfect place for you. Its decorations are luxurious but tranquil, which is appropriate for family meals. Moreover, Hu Tieu is fully served in a large bowl. Each of its strands is tough and the broth is tenderly sweet.

Although the name of the restaurant is Hu Tieu, you can find a great number of dishes here. Fruit spring roll, bitter mushroom spring rolls, or Thai noodles are some excellent choices for your meal. And you won’t be able to resist trying them when they are brought out.

  • Address: 385 Le Van Sy Street, Tan Binh District

Trang Sen Quan Restaurant


Trang Sen vegetarian food

Don’t hesitate to book a table at this restaurant when you invite some Buddhist. The decorations here are a combination of yoga and Buddhism style. That is why the restaurant looks not only peaceful but also very impressive.

The food is also not oily and made with complex recipes. This is revealed in the names of the dishes, which sound relatively Buddhism. Some instances are Trang Sen Noodles, Fried Rice Noodles, Rice Spaghetti, and Crispy-fried Corn. Sometimes, in the Mid-Autumn Festival, you can even find the restaurant selling mooncakes. And the price is very low, which takes only less than 20 cents.

  • Address: 213 Le Van Luong Street, District 7

Hum Vegetarian


Hum Vegetarian food

One of the most common vegan restaurants for foreign travelers in Vietnam culinary tours is Hum Vegetarian. In fact, most international tourists love this place when it comes to choosing a restaurant for vegetarians.

The interior design of Hum is very cozy, close to diners’ hearts, and friendly to the environment. Furthermore, it seems to be the restaurant that has the highest number of dishes in Saigon. All of them are always garnished and laid out beautifully before you start your meal. Several healthy foods that you can find here are lotus-seed soup, fruit salad, brown rice wrapped in lotus leaves and five-taste soup.

  • Address: 32 Vo Van Tan Street, Ward 6, District 3

Ba La Vegetarian Restaurant


Ba La vegetarian restaurant

Despite located in the most modern and expensive of Saigon, the restaurant still surprises customers with a countryside style of Southern Vietnam. It is plain, natural, and pleasant. Particularly, you will sense a jasmine-like fragrant the moment you walk into Ba La.

The food here is incredibly plentiful as well. The connoisseurs’ most favored dishes are those made from vegetables and mushrooms in the Southwest area of Ho Chi Minh City. The best one is leaf spring roll, whose ingredient is forest vegetables. Some other dishes that leave a deep impression in travelers’ mind are curry, fried mushrooms with salt, spring roll noodles, and bamboo-tube fried rice.

  • Address: 32A Cao Ba Nha Street, Nguyen Cu Trinh Ward, District 1

Thien Kim Vegetarian Restaurant


Thien Kim vegetarian food

Thien Kim is very crowded on the Buddha’s birthday and the 15th day of the Lunar month. But on ordinary days, you will not find too many diners here. Therefore, it is easy to call for your friends and have a healthy vegetarian meal together in this restaurant.

Hotpots are the most popular food in Thien Kim and also on the list of the best dishes in Saigon. The tastiest one is definitely vegetarian goat-meat hotpot. You will see the reason why when you bite the first piece of goat-meat. Although it is not real, the meat is tough and has muscle fibers just like genuine meat.

In addition, the spices of all dishes are carefully added and allowed to be steeped. Some Chinese herbs are even put in some time, making the food not only delicious but also healthy.

Your Saigon food tour will be much more interesting with such vegetarian dishes.