Top 7 best specialties that you must try in Quy Nhon


Every regional cuisine has its own characteristics and Quy Nhon also. You definitely have to try the top 7 delicious dishes in Quy Nhon below when you come to the place to have the best culinary tour in Vietnam ever!

Lagu Bread (Banh mi Lagu)

This is a long-standing favorite dish in Quy Nhon. Lagu bread is served with lagu sauce, which is made from a variety of ingredients such as sweet potatoes, red beans, lotus seeds, carrots, and stewed pork. Thus, the sauce has a sweet scent, moderate softness, which is not too soft or too tough. The bread is covered with a thin layer of butter on the face, baked on a charcoal stove to create a sweet smell, cut into small pieces to eat. It is not strange to say that Lagu bread is an ideal dish to enjoy on the cool days.


Lagu bread

Crispy Vietnamese shrimp pancakes (Banh xeo tom nhay)

You will see Vietnamese pancakes are sold in many places but crispy pancakes in Quy Nhon have a special taste compared to other places. There are so many differences just among the sauces. With the delicious sauce, the normal pancakes are also enough for diners to remember. There will be many kinds of ingredients for a pancake, but especially here, there are red and round shrimps.

Through the skillful hands of bakers, you will have a chance to enjoy crispy yellow pancakes with fresh shrimps, soft beef along with green onions, bean sprouts, onion inside wrapped with raw vegetables such as lettuces, chives, mango slices, cucumbers, etc. They are so tasty that a lot of visitors considered them as the highlight of their Vietnam culinary tours to Quy Nhon.

Grilled Nem (Nem nuong)

Nem is made from ground lean pork and mixed with grease and other spices such as salt, pepper, sugar, garlic, etc. then rolled into round sticks and grilled on the charcoal stove. However, grilled nem in Quy Nhon is totally different from elsewhere because the rice paper to wrap nem are made directly from the rice flour of Binh Dinh rice. You just need to wrap grilled nem with rice paper, add some lettuce, cucumber, starfruits or green mango, chives, basil, pickles, garlic or sliced chili and then dip into a bowl of sauce, put on your mouth and feel.


Grilled nem

Banh hoi with pork intestine (Banh hoi long heo)

This is one of popular dishes in any culinary tours in Quy Nhon. Banh hoi is almost like vermicelli, but instead of vermicelli noodles we usually see, the noodles are very small, made from rice flour, through a lot of steps. Banh hoi is much better when applied a layer of oil above and added some chopped chives to color the dish.


Banh hoi with pork intestine

This dish is called banh hoi with pork intestine because when you visit any banh hoi restaurants here, you will enjoy it with one more accompanied dishes – pork intestine. Having banh hoi with boiled pork or pork intestine will make the dish become sweet and fragrant.

Fish rice noodles (Bun ca)

For a long time, fish rice noodles have become a symbolic dish bring the essence of Quy Nhon. It is special because of the way of making noodles, how to fry fish and especially the broth. The broth is not from pork bones but from fresh fish bones, added a little bit of purple onion, pineapple, etc. to have clear broth without being fishy. Enjoy the delicious bowl of fish noodles is a combination of noodles, broth, crispy fried fish, vegetables together with a bit spicy-sour flavor of lemon and pepper. Only by tasting it once will you remember its flavor forever in any Vietnam culinary tours.

Water Fern Cake (Banh beo)

One of the delicacies in Quy Nhon that must be mentioned in any Vietnam food tours is water fern cake. The cake has a harmonious color thanks to small chives on the top of the white powder, smashed peanuts and a little shrimp or crumbs of bread. No words can describe the feeling of eating water fern cake when it is still hot along with the sauce except “great”.


Water fern cake

Vietnamese rice pyramid dumpling (Banh it la gai)

Known as a famous gift every time to visit Binh Dinh, it is not an exaggeration to say that this pyramid dumpling is one of the best specialties of Quy Nhon. People wrap this dumpling with Vietnamese special leaves called “la gai” and stuff it with coconut flesh, green beans, and ginger. Just take a piece of this rice dumpling, you will be able to feel the softness, smoothness of the cake, the fragrance of sticky rice, the sweetness of coconut flesh.


Vietnamese rice pyramid dumpling

Top desserts in Saigon this summer


Vietnam food tours today will show you top desserts in Saigon. These desserts were very popular with Saigon teenagers during this period of time.

1/ Carp Pudding:

A carp is put in front of you – fresh and shiny as real, but actually, it is made from coconut or mango. This is an extremely popular dessert of Hong Kong that recently began to appear and became extremely famous thanks to its eye-catching look. That is why many of Saigon teenagers went to the restaurant located on Bui Huu Nghia Street District 5 to enjoy and take photos.


Only 35.000 dongs for a dish of Carp Pudding like this

Made entirely from coconut milk and milk, so for anyone who does not like sweet, this dish can be “super bad”.

If you want to eat less sweet, you can choose mango pudding, also done in a fish shape, but the size is much smaller, inside there are sweet and sour mango. With this eye-catching look, you probably understand why this dish has so far everywhere on Instagram and should be chosen for a Saigon food tour in particular, Vietnam food tour in general.

Fruit pizza

Being a time and a trend of healthy food, so fruits or low-fat foods are very popular among Saigon’s youngsters and the recent emergence is fruit pizza. This is an ideal dessert for tourist when joining a tour of street food of Vietnam.


A delicious dish of fruit pizza

In appearance, it is basically the same as ordinary salty pizza, with thin cake and topping on the face. But instead of the usual pizza made from meat, seafood, or cheese, this is completely replaced with fresh fruit and some cream on the face as a traditional cheese, above the face there is a layer of Oregano – a type of vegetable that is often sprinkled on the face of most types of pizza, so whether the fruit, due to this layer, vegetarian pizza also has the familiar taste like “normal pizza.”

Herbal jelly:

The weather in Saigon is always hot, so cold and cool dishes are always in the best seller. And recently, Taiwan’s famous herbal jelly has created a trend with young people in Saigon because of the unique, cool taste and it is extremely delicious.


A bowl of herbal jelly is perfect for a hot day in Saigon

There are a variety of toppings can be blended with the herbal jelly-like green beans, red beans, flexible boba nut, noodle jelly or taro pudding, sweet potatoes. All will be placed on top of a super-fine grind ice with a little sauce or cream to eat. When taking part in South Vietnam food tours, you should not forget to taste this special dish.

Appeared in Saigon in only a short time, this dish suddenly becomes a favorite dish at noon. It is important that the more you eat this dish, the cooler you feel in your body, cool from the body to the outside because it is made from herbs that help heat dissipation and cooling.

Binsu Cantaloupe

About 3 months ago, at a cafe located in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City suddenly became a “check-in” place continuously because of the appearance of binsu super-monumental and extremely large.


Binsu Cantaloupe makes the people hate to eat also have to praise

But the thing you like most is that the binsu is made from a Cantaloupe, with the whole of the meat is curled round and decorated fully on the face, while inside is the fat cream and ice blended. Especially there is a little honey or chocolate sauce to eat together.

The dish is just beautiful, just big, delicious with all the flavors are mixed together so this dish has been “hunted” for a long time and up to now, the ice cream binsu shop in Saigon appeared more and more, spread to Hanoi and some other cities.

Super-cute shaped ice cream:

An extremely popular cream- animal style version of Thailand recently became popular around the Nguyen Hue Pedestrian street.

At a price of nearly 30.000 dongs for a cream with all kinds of cute and eye-catching decoration, a completely different style from the traditional ice cream sticks before, has made this ice cream always in a state of overload and people have to queue to buy.

This ice cream has a total of about 10 different flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, mango, mint, strawberry, fruit syrup … in all shapes from heart, chocolate bar, spirals or even foot, … so in addition to enjoying ice cream, this is also the food youngsters like to take photos most in the Vietnam food tour. Even the famous artists of Saigon are catching up with the trend of this ice cream.

Fish cream

It is also cream, but this is fresh cream, not ice cream as above. Especially, this cream is served with a cake with the same taste as a waffle but it has a golden grilled fish under the cream.


Fresh cream in a fish shape

Basically, the taste is the same as other fresh ice creams, but because of its special shape that many teenagers have come to enjoy and take pictures.

A day with Saigon food tour


Ho Chi Minh City, as known as Saigon, is the most dynamic and developed city in Vietnam. Understanding your desire to explore every corner of local life as well as culture, streetfoodofsaigon takes the pleasure in guiding you in one of the most-wanted tours in the city ever: Saigon food tours.

If you have ever joined any Vietnam food tours before, you might probably be surprised with the diversity of Vietnamese cuisines all along the country. When you travel to southern Vietnam, a wide range of delicious dishes will gradually appear such as hu tieu (rice noodles soup, different from phở), bun mam, nem nuong, banh xeo, banh mi, etc. I know you have started salivating, so let’s jump right into our menu today.

Hu tieu (rice noodle soup)

This dish is actually derived from Cambodia but it’s now one of the most favorite specialties in Saigon. Hu tieu differs from phở in the ingredients used and the way it’s cooked. The rice noodle used for hủ tiếu can be different and hu tieu is also sweeter than pho because it’s the mixture of minced meat, dried shrimps, dried onions, garlic, and chives. Hu tieu can be easily found in any Saigon market and cost only 30.000 VND (~1,5$) per big bowl. Only 1 bowl of hu tieu can make you full for half of a day.

Hu Tieu

Hu tieu Rice noodle soup

Banh xeo (Crispy pancake)

Banh xeo is actually savoury crepes filled with pork, shrimps, and bean sprouts. Like most of the Vietnamese specialties, this dish is an artful combination of a variety of ingredients, from seafood, meat to vegetable. One bite of banh xeo, therefore, brings to the people different feelings and eventually, full satisfaction. Banh xeo is usually eaten with some garlic vinegar and raw vegetable, a very traditional way to enjoy Vietnamese cuisines. If you hang out with friends in Saigon, it’s undeniable that banh xeo is the best choice to serve.

Banh Xeo

Banh Xeo

Bun mam (Rice vermicelli fermented paste soup)

Bun is a kind of rice vermicelli, which is not flat and thin like pho but rounder. Mam, whereas, refers to fermented paste. There are a lot of kinds of mam, such as mam ca loc (fermented fish paste), mam tom (fermented shrimp paste). The fermented paste is cooked in the broth thoroughly and then poured over the bowl of bun, seafood (shrimps, fish, etc.), fried onions, and vegetables. The sweet smell of this dish can be detected even from 10 meters away, which makes everyone who passes by a bun mam food stall can’t help but drop in for a bowl.

Bun Mam

Che (Vietnamese sweet dessert soup)

Famous for being one of the best desserts in Vietnam, che really varies in ingredients and taste. Generally, che is also sweet dessert soup and usually used with a couple of ice spoons. The most popular che in Saigon is che bưởi (grapefruit soup), che Thai (Thai soup), che chuoi (banana soup), che ngo (corn soup), etc. Che is a combination of different ingredients, all of which are agricultural products. On a hot summer day, nothing can cool you down as well as a bowl of che can.


Che Saigon