Top 5 best vermicelli with marinated char-grilled pork restaurants in Saigon


If you are in Saigon or about to take a trip to this place, then remember to try “bun thit nuong” (vermicelli with marinated char-grilled pork) – a famous Saigon food. A delicious dish has an affordable price but the taste is rated 10 out of 10. So, today let’s learn about the places having the best vermicelli with char-grilled pork in Saigon.

Bun thit nuong Hai Dang

Mentioning the vermicelli with marinated char-grilled pork in Saigon, you definitely cannot ignore Hai Dang restaurant. Because of that, Saigon does not lack good grilled pork restaurant but Hai Dang is always the favorite place of many local people as well as visitors during their Saigon Vietnam culinary tours. Normally, the vermicelli with marinated char-grilled pork will be sold in one bowl full of vegetables, grilled pork, and also the sauce but in Hai Dang restaurant, this dish is served in separate bowls of vermicelli, vegetables and sauce. So, you can comfortably flavor to suit your personal taste.


Bun thit nuong Hai Dang”

  • Price: 25,000 VND/bowl
  • Address: 145 – 157 Chan Hung, Ward 6, Tan Binh Dist.
  • Opening hours: 11a.m. – 10 p.m.

Bun thit nuong Anh Ba

Contrary to the rustic name, this restaurant cares more about the architecture of space inside than others that we often see. In particular, the dishes here are also laid out beautifully and the menu is rich with a variety of different dishes: not only the traditional vermicelli with marinated char-grilled pork but also vermicelli with marinated char-grilled shrimp or egg rolls. Thus, the price is slightly higher than other restaurants and so is the quality. Besides, the attitude of the staff in the restaurant is very enthusiastic, gentle, and nice, which is another plus point for this restaurant.


Bun thit nuong anh Ba

  • Price: 45,000 VND – 55,000 VND/bowl
  • Address: 126 Le Van Sy, Ward 10, Phu Nhuan Dist.
  • Opening hours: 7 a.m. – 11p.m.

Bun thit nuong Co Ba

Co Ba restaurant is a popular eatery located in the center of District 3. It is always crowded with customers but because of the small space inside and parking area, most of them choose to take away. Although there are 5 main dishes, the most famous one here is undoubtedly vermicelli with marinated char-grilled pork and grilled meatball. The meat here is marinated and grilled well with beautiful color while vegetables and vermicelli are also cut and prepared carefully to ensure hygiene. Therefore, it is not an exaggeration to say that Co Ba restaurant is a must-visit place in your Saigon food tours.

  • Price: 30,000 VND – 35,000 VND
  • Address: 287/68 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, District 3
  • Opening hours: 2pm – 9pm

Bun thit nuong Chi Tuyen

The restaurant is located at the beginning of the road but the parking area is located on the opposite. In this restaurant, there are “banh hoi” with grilled pork, vermicelli, steamed bread, etc. One special point of the restaurant is very big and delicious egg roll. Marinated grilled pork is also quite soft and delicious, in addition to the sweet and sour sauce. In general, one bowl of vermicelli with marinated char-grilled pork consists of 1 big egg roll, grilled pork and a lot of vegetables.


Bun thit nuong chi Tuyen

  • Price: 45,000 VND
  • Address: 195 Co Giang, Dist 1
  • Opening hours: 7 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Bun thit nuong vi Saigon

Bun thit nuong vi Saigon restaurant is one of the brands associated with traditional dishes of the Vietnamese in general as well as Saigon cuisine in particular. Beside the famous vermicelli with marinated char-grilled pork, the restaurant also serves other dishes such as vermicelli with stir-fried beef, grilled shrimp, spring rolls, etc. so that the customers can freely choose and change the taste during their Saigon food tours. In addition to vermicelli, the menu of the restaurant is exceptionally diverse with other types such as bamboo rice, “banh hoi thit nuong”, steamed bread, grilled beef, etc.


Bun thit nuong vi Saigon

  • Price: 30,000 VND – 45,000 VND
  • Address: 487 Nguyen Tri Phuong, District 10
  • Opening hours: Mon – Fri: 10 a.m. – 9 p.m., Sat: 10 a.m. – 10 p.m., Sun: 5 a.m. – 10 p.m.

A day with Saigon food tour


Ho Chi Minh City, as known as Saigon, is the most dynamic and developed city in Vietnam. Understanding your desire to explore every corner of local life as well as culture, streetfoodofsaigon takes the pleasure in guiding you in one of the most-wanted tours in the city ever: Saigon food tours.

If you have ever joined any Vietnam food tours before, you might probably be surprised with the diversity of Vietnamese cuisines all along the country. When you travel to southern Vietnam, a wide range of delicious dishes will gradually appear such as hu tieu (rice noodles soup, different from phở), bun mam, nem nuong, banh xeo, banh mi, etc. I know you have started salivating, so let’s jump right into our menu today.

Hu tieu (rice noodle soup)

This dish is actually derived from Cambodia but it’s now one of the most favorite specialties in Saigon. Hu tieu differs from phở in the ingredients used and the way it’s cooked. The rice noodle used for hủ tiếu can be different and hu tieu is also sweeter than pho because it’s the mixture of minced meat, dried shrimps, dried onions, garlic, and chives. Hu tieu can be easily found in any Saigon market and cost only 30.000 VND (~1,5$) per big bowl. Only 1 bowl of hu tieu can make you full for half of a day.

Hu Tieu

Hu tieu Rice noodle soup

Banh xeo (Crispy pancake)

Banh xeo is actually savoury crepes filled with pork, shrimps, and bean sprouts. Like most of the Vietnamese specialties, this dish is an artful combination of a variety of ingredients, from seafood, meat to vegetable. One bite of banh xeo, therefore, brings to the people different feelings and eventually, full satisfaction. Banh xeo is usually eaten with some garlic vinegar and raw vegetable, a very traditional way to enjoy Vietnamese cuisines. If you hang out with friends in Saigon, it’s undeniable that banh xeo is the best choice to serve.

Banh Xeo

Banh Xeo

Bun mam (Rice vermicelli fermented paste soup)

Bun is a kind of rice vermicelli, which is not flat and thin like pho but rounder. Mam, whereas, refers to fermented paste. There are a lot of kinds of mam, such as mam ca loc (fermented fish paste), mam tom (fermented shrimp paste). The fermented paste is cooked in the broth thoroughly and then poured over the bowl of bun, seafood (shrimps, fish, etc.), fried onions, and vegetables. The sweet smell of this dish can be detected even from 10 meters away, which makes everyone who passes by a bun mam food stall can’t help but drop in for a bowl.

Bun Mam

Che (Vietnamese sweet dessert soup)

Famous for being one of the best desserts in Vietnam, che really varies in ingredients and taste. Generally, che is also sweet dessert soup and usually used with a couple of ice spoons. The most popular che in Saigon is che bưởi (grapefruit soup), che Thai (Thai soup), che chuoi (banana soup), che ngo (corn soup), etc. Che is a combination of different ingredients, all of which are agricultural products. On a hot summer day, nothing can cool you down as well as a bowl of che can.


Che Saigon 

Specialty Broken Rice in Saigon Food Tours


Saigon is a land of multiculturalism, thus cuisine of Saigon mixed flavors of many regions. And broken rice is very popular in South Vietnam, this type of cooked rice is also found in others places in the Central, Northern and overseas.

Although not honored as Pho but broken rice has been transcontinental to Russia, to America and other countries. Laborers prefer it, civil servants and students also choose it because of its economic and dainty.

  • History

In the American period, some hybrid foods, such as the Western omelet, came into being. After the unification of the country (1976), broken rice appeared in the United States, but it was very different from the type of rice that we eat today. Later on, combining the Vietnamese food that we know with the above mentioned hybrid foods, broken rice which we are familiar with, appears from that day.

Broken Rice Dish

Broken Rice Dish

  • How to eat:

Courses are often served on a plate or pantry (if purchased). Eating it the same way as eating other types of rice sold on the plate. However, people in the South often use a spoon and fork, and the North is unfamiliar with the fork, so Central and North restaurants often add chopsticks for easy use.

  • Ingredient:

A plate of broken rice may consist of grilled pork, shredded pork, pork skin, fried egg, Western omelet, pickle, and sliced cucumber, or not including all of the above items, but these are the most popular foods that people often put together on the plates:

  • Grilled pork:

Marinated with sweet and sour sauce and often grilled on the charcoal stove in front of the shop, creating a special flavor so many people will notice there is a broken rice shop when they are passing by.

Grilled Pork

Grilled Pork

  • Eggs: They are usually omelet.
  • Pork skin: A mixture of minced pork and pig skins, mixed together with spices. When eating, it is tenacious, sluggish and very fragrant.
  • Western omelet: They are made from mashed eggs, crabs, minced meat, mushrooms and rice noodles, then steamed. Especially, the dish has a layer of egg yolk on top, making the pieces not only beautiful yellow but also more fatty, aromatic and soft. A Western omelet is prepared into a round or rectangular mold and sliced into pieces when eaten.

Western Omelet

Western Omelet

  • Rice: Cooked from broken rice. Middlings is the first part of the rice kernels; this is the main raw material. Because the grains are very fragrant and sweet, the plate is not too dry or too dull.
  • Side dishes: The broken rice itself is one of the must-eat dishes in Saigon but ordinary or high rate depends on the food accompany.
  • Fat onions: It is a liquid mixture made from green onion, oil or fat, sometimes mixed with pork rind.
  • Fish sauce: The main ingredients are refined sugar, fresh coconut milk, and scrumptious fish sauce. Along with it is garlic and chili sauce if people want to eat spicily. Depending on the processing and taste of the people, fish sauce can be sweet or salty, can add lemon.
  • Pickle: Usually made from tomatoes, carrots, radishes, cucumbers, and sometimes papaya. Everything can be chopped or rounded, then soaked in vinegar with salt. Beside fish sauce, pickle is the dish that makes the plate more delicious. It can be added to the dish directly or into the fish sauce.

Broken Rice Plate

Broken Rice Plate

  • Other modes

Sometimes broken rice is eaten with braised beef, stuffed tofu, fried fish, stir fried vegetables … like whole grain rice. This type of food is usually found in the restaurant at night. And every rice shop always gives each guest a glass of iced tea.

  • Honors

On August 1, 2012, at the Faridabad, India, the Asian Records Association recognized Asia's record for culinary value for Saigonese rice and others nine Vietnamese dishes. Early 2012, CNN viewed broken rice as a popular street food in Saigon.

Broken rice dish is a simple but delicate cuisine in Saigon. Whether ordinary or high-level, in the South in general and Saigon in particular, it still ensures the full sense of the diners. Guests do not have to wonder what to eat in Saigon anymore once coming to Saigon food tours.


Saigon food tours – impressing luxury food streets


When it comes to Saigon food tours, nobody can ignore the attractive street foods at here. Because It is delicious, nutritious and cheap. However, tourists should one time stop here, visit and enjoy the luxury dishes at famous food streets listed in Saigon.

1, Saigon Garden

Mentioning to this complex is certainly not strange. Especially, the young Saigon people are more familiar with this place. Here is the ideal spot for all the fun, dining and shopping together.

An attractive corner of Saigon Garden

An attractive corner of Saigon Garden

Its name means Saigon garden. From the outside, it attracts anybody who comes here with a 1-0-2 design. The whole house is covered with trees from the ground to the top. A completely different style compared to the high buildings or restaurants around. Located in the center of the city, Saigon Garden is located on a busy walking street in which always attracts visitors of Saigon tours as well as domestic and international travelers. Outside looks like a European street is located right on Nguyen Hue Boulevard with several luxury restaurant chains, fresh flowers shop, clothing shop, handmade souvenir, … and indispensable coffee shops, doors. The restaurants with all culinary styles. Most shops, cafes, … here are towards elegance and luxury.

2, Ben Thanh Street Food Market

Located at the prosperous location of Saigon, Ben Thanh – Street Food Market highlights with over 60 booths that are extremely rich, fully portrayed Vietnamese culinary culture.

Ben Thanh Street Food Market

Ben Thanh Street Food Market, must-visit place in Saigon

The market is divided into several areas: self-service area, food area, traditional food area, creative cuisine, foreign cuisine, entertainment area … forms a complex of catering services most dynamic ever. Including nearly 200 dishes ranging from fast food such as burger, pasta, pizza to Vietnamese dishes such as noodles, chicken rice, Hue beef noodle … will surely satisfy the most fastidious. Flexible opening times from 9 am to 11 pm, you are too easy to find the dishes you are seeking.

This is one of the places cannot miss in Saigon – Vietnam luxury cuisine tours.

3, The snack area of Bangkok – Coco5

If you ever come to Bangkok, Thailand, one of the things that you remember the most when you return home is the pavement dishes scattered on the street. Regardless of early morning or late night, Bangkok's streets are always filled with restaurants, selling tempting dishes. What a great news! Street food in Bangkok appeared in Saigon.

As a true destination for Thai food fans, Coco5 sells all kinds of Thailand snacks. From salty to sweet, from familiar dishes to the strange dishes with Vietnamese. Coco5 also follows the street food market pattern. So each dish is sold in a separate stall, the counters are decorated with eye-catching traditional style.

Coco5 is highlight with Thailand cuisine

Coco5 is highlight with Thailand cuisine

With the brand "Thai Street Delicious", Coco5 gathers the most famous dishes of the Golden Temple country. Come here, you can easily find the famous dishes of Thailand cuisine such as Pad Thai, Lod Chong, SomTam, Tom Yam Kung, Crispy chicken Thai-sticky rice, Fried rice with pineapple, coconut fried rice, Thai Steamed Salad, Thai Salmon Salad, Thai Salmon Salad, Thai Mango Salad, Thai Spicy Salad … Besides salty items, sweet items are very plentiful. Thai Coconut cake, Thai Coconut Cream, Thai Tea is served too. And of course, there is no shortage of Thai white tea – the champion in the white teas conquered Vietnamese teen today.

4, Foodcourt Takashimaya

Another place cannot be shortage from the list is the Foodcourt of Takashimaya Trade Center. This place is known as a shopping paradise as well as food, gathering many famous shops and dining chains and unique style from many Asian countries such as Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Korea, Japan …

Japan foods are displayed at Foodcourt Takashimaya.

Japan foods are displayed at Foodcourt Takashimaya

Unlike previous shopping malls, Takashimaya's culinary floor was built and designed with extremely open and spacious spaces. Most of the center of this culinary area is a focal point of pastries, ice creams, none smoked foods. And restaurants which sell fried, baked foods all spread in around the area and are even separated in a separate area. So, when you step in, you will not feel hot or smelly with types of food as the other commercial centers.

5, Food Corner

On weekends and walks, you will find the new food court with about 15 pavilions, snacks, and beverages. At here, visitors can easy to find all Thai, Korean, Western, Vietnamese foods… extremely abundant. Take a walk around the food street if you feel hungry and want to explore cuisine here.

Just come here to immersed in luxury cuisine spaces and enjoy the top foods in Saigon as well as the famous foods around the world.