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Top 5 excellent Bun Rieu Restaurants for a Saigon food tour

A Saigon food tour will give you more knowledge about Vietnam’s culture. Today, let’s take a look at the top 5 street restaurants serving noodles in crab chowder, or “Bun Rieu” in Vietnamese. It is regarded as a must-try dish in Ho Chi Minh City. 7 Bun Rieu Restaurant 7 […]


Top 6 famous vegetarian restaurants in Saigon

Going on a Vietnam culinary tour to discover Vietnam cuisine is one of the top things to do for tourists when coming to Vietnam. If you are traveling to Saigon, Vietnam, why don’t you experience vegetarian cuisine? Here are top 6 famous vegetarian restaurants in Saigon that you should try […]


Top 6 famous vegetarian restaurants for your Saigon food tour

A Saigon food tour is always one of the things that tourists expected the most when visiting Southern Vietnam. Because vegan food in this city is both delicious and good for health, Saigon has become a promised land for vegetarians for such a long time. The following restaurants will be […]


Explore a traditional hotpot of Vietnam – Mam hotpot

Saigon day tours today will introduce you a specialty of the Southwest people – Mam hotpot. Mam Hotpot – a traditional dish of Saigon day tours has long been a favorite dish for many people because of its taste which is very delicious, salty enough and its fragrance that can […]


Ad-lib Saigon street food areas roundup | Emblematic names

When the topic of Saigon cuisine is put on the scale, it may take us a lifetime to confirm how burdensome it is. Saigon culinary tour is now something extremely prevalent that you may only need a finger snap to own a high-ranking local food tour guide advise you what […]


Bot Chien – the snack of the people in Saigon

It is a big mistake if you miss Bot Chien during your Saigon food tour as it is one of the most famous must-eat dishes in Saigon. Coming to Saigon, mentioning about Saigon cuisine, the visitors will easily think about Broken rice. However, Saigon food guides will show you the […]