Due to its topographic and economic characteristics, southwest of Vietnamese cuisine has been created by the river’s waterways, where the main food source is rice, fish, and vegetables. A unique feature that you cannot ignore when taking part in Vietnam food tour.

Southwest land of Vietnam is the place where both people and nature are so rustic and simple. This reflects clearly on their cuisine. Today, Vietnam food tour will introduce you to some must-eat dishes in this land. Once trying the southeast delicacies, surely that you cannot forget.

Mekong Delta cuisine mixed with river

Those who have lived in the Mekong Delta or the southwest will not forget the familiar taste of freshly caught snakehead fish in the field, crispy pancakes roll in the garden, or bowl or sour soup bowl only found in the floating season.

The dishes of southeast people ingrain in the visitors’ mind with its special flavor, the harmony between the sour, salty and sweet taste.

Western delicious dishes

Western delicious dishes in a meal with beef squeezed salad, pancake rolls of vegetables, sour soup fish.

Each dish is presented like a little wind from the lotus pond, the smell of plants in the garden through the nose, through the ears.

It also comes with many vegetables. Especially, there are some specialties leaves such as sesame leaves, wild vegetables, when you eat with them fried dishes, they will leave a fresh sour taste.

Salad of dried fish with cherry leaves from the garden

Salad of dried fish with cherry leaves from the garden

Grilled dishes with a delicious fresh taste

The soul of southwest delicacies lies in the raw materials, simple processing, it is not too picky but still retains the freshness of fish meat, vegetables.

 Dishes with the harmony of river fish, garden-raised chicken, vegetables planted in ponds is always in the meals of each farmer family. These dishes are associated with the childhood of those who were or are living there.

Grilled chicken with salt grains

Grilled chicken with salt grains

Two of the southwest favorites are beef and chicken. The meat is marinated well, wrapped in banana leaf then baked till it gets a golden color. These leaves will be an indispensable ingredient mixed with the fresh sweet taste of meat and make the dish more delicious. Meat still remains tender, when you bite it, surely you cannot stop another bite. 

Fresh items with young lotus leaves

Young lotus leaves are characteristic food in the Dong Thap Muoi

Young lotus leaves are characteristic food in the Dong Thap Muoi

The young lotus leaves after being picked and washed will be served with grilled fish, wild vegetables and tamarind sauce. The crispness of grilled fish and the freshness of raw vegetable is unforgettable.

The southeast people prefer to enjoy fried fish as well since it is crunchy and fragrant. Fresh sweet fried fish which is rolled with green vegetables, sliced green young banana, fresh noodles all are placed in the thin layer of the lotus leave. Then add a little pepper garlic sauce, spicy hot pepper, they will make your dish more attractive and contemplating. Day by day this become one of the specialties in Vietnamese cuisine.

Fried fish with wild vegetables and lotus leaves

Fried fish with wild vegetables and lotus leaves.

Vegetable boil served with special sauce

From a very rustic dish with simple ingredients, this dish has appeared in many famous restaurants. This simply includes a mixture of fish sauce, sugar, pepper, pineapple, the onion that is cooked under a small fire, after a while, until it turns to the golden brown color and fragrant. Diners can eat with rice or take a piece of fried rice and quickly soak it into that sauce.

If you want to try the more “modern” style, the chef can add shrimp, dried fat. You can eat it with noodles and vegetables to verify your meals when you take part in Vietnam culinary tour.

Grilled mouse with salt

This dish is a specialty in Mekong Delta cuisine. Each harvest season, the field is full of smoked and have many mice. The mouse that is favored in the restaurant is “rice mice”. That means the mice have eaten rice after harvest.

The fat mice will be well prepared (cleaned of fuzz, removed feet, head) then soaked in salt water and vinegar several times to remove the smell.

This dish does not require many ingredients. The main one is mice meat – it is enough. After being chopped, seasoned with chili, sugar, and spices, they will be roasted on the charcoal stove. However, in the rural area, the locals like to use the straws to bake it. Mice meat will have the golden color, the fragrance, sweetness, and softness just like chicken. You can taste it when you take part in Vietnam food tour to the southeast.

Southwest people favor this dish

Southwest people favor this dish and also named “chicken roasted with salt pepper