Saigon street food makes this place different from other regions.One of the unique features of Saigon cuisine is that even though the night has come down, the roadside diners still bustle and hustle.

The roadside diners still crowded at night

The roadside diners still crowded at night

Whoever knows when the nocturnal eating habit is established. Everyone just knows that walking the streets, we can easy to see the scattered shops are still light up late into the night to serve diners. The night workers, late-night staffs or adolescents who had just stepped out of the work, all come to some restaurants to fill their belly before returning home. Gradually, Saigon cuisine did not sleep to harmonize with this demand.

Enjoying the irresistible street food at night is one of the things to do in Saigon.

Chastity with small corner along the road

A place to save people who work late into the night, the small restaurants with rows of tables are familiar and simple places to many people. Dishes are as varied as the day, the rice is firmly cooked, warm white porridge or snails plates which make unforgettable taste.

White porridge

White porridge, a rustic dish but has unforgettable flavor

Most of these restaurants open from evening to the day after, so you do not have to worry about hunger when going home. The unique feature of rice dishes, night noodle is to give you the opportunity to settle yourself after a busy day. At here, travelers can look at Saigon more quietly and enjoy the warm flavor of the middle of the night.

Duong Thanh is one of the famous restaurants that anyone visits to explore the cuisine of Saigon, Vietnam also has to visit. This is the famous Chinese restaurant in Phan Xich Long street. At here, you can enjoy healthy food such as chicken, potatoes, pork chops, … with little more expensive than the normal price. In addition, the restaurant also serves Chinese dishes for tourist who like to explore Chinese cuisine such as crispy noodles, fried noodles, fried rice, hot pot … At the restaurant, you also dispel the sunshine of Saigon with the dishes bearing bold Vietnamese style such as grapefruit sweet soup, lotus sweet soup, and so forth with the price only about15,000 VND per one.

Addition to the restaurant is spacious, clean, friendly staff and consistent service home delivery. This is one of the attractive places to eat when visiting Saigon.

spring rolls

Any tourist visits Saigon must try the taste of Spring rolls

Another place to eat at night when traveling to Saigon is the intersection of Le Quang Dinh. Rice spaghetti in here is dubbed as the best food in Saigon. Here only sell rice spaghetti and spring rolls. Spring rolls big and cheap so this dish usually out of stock. If you want to eat, come here a little soon.

Rice spaghetti has three types: lean meat, ribs, sausages with a little – featured sauce make a characteristic soup. The broth is cooked from bones, turnips, carrots, so sweet, but not too fat. The only exception is the narrow space for eating so you have to queue. But compensate for friendly staff, quick service. It really becomes a popular place to eat in Saigon.

Bustling in luxury restaurants

Do not think only the roadside restaurant can serve until late, Saigon is not lack of restaurants that ready to open the door to welcome guests at any time. In Saigon, you do not need to worry about missing items because the menu of these restaurants stretches from the folk dishes to the luxury dishes all around the world.

If you want to gather with your close friends, why do you visit Din Ky where familiar with the spirit of eating through the night? Just start bustling from dark until midnight, this is the place to find and recharge the energy of young people who just left the fun at the bar, club. And maybe even eating up to the dawn.

Din Ky rice noodle

Din Ky rice noodle

If you want to accidentally meet famous people, please visit Hung Xuyen restaurant with chicken chili sauce and duck tongue. The fresh, delicious food and thoughtful service have helped this restaurant become the first choice for the famous people as well as tourists from others areas.