When it comes to Saigon food tours, nobody can ignore the attractive street foods at here. Because It is delicious, nutritious and cheap. However, tourists should one time stop here, visit and enjoy the luxury dishes at famous food streets listed in Saigon.

1, Saigon Garden

Mentioning to this complex is certainly not strange. Especially, the young Saigon people are more familiar with this place. Here is the ideal spot for all the fun, dining and shopping together.

An attractive corner of Saigon Garden

An attractive corner of Saigon Garden

Its name means Saigon garden. From the outside, it attracts anybody who comes here with a 1-0-2 design. The whole house is covered with trees from the ground to the top. A completely different style compared to the high buildings or restaurants around. Located in the center of the city, Saigon Garden is located on a busy walking street in which always attracts visitors of Saigon tours as well as domestic and international travelers. Outside looks like a European street is located right on Nguyen Hue Boulevard with several luxury restaurant chains, fresh flowers shop, clothing shop, handmade souvenir, … and indispensable coffee shops, doors. The restaurants with all culinary styles. Most shops, cafes, … here are towards elegance and luxury.

2, Ben Thanh Street Food Market

Located at the prosperous location of Saigon, Ben Thanh – Street Food Market highlights with over 60 booths that are extremely rich, fully portrayed Vietnamese culinary culture.

Ben Thanh Street Food Market

Ben Thanh Street Food Market, must-visit place in Saigon

The market is divided into several areas: self-service area, food area, traditional food area, creative cuisine, foreign cuisine, entertainment area … forms a complex of catering services most dynamic ever. Including nearly 200 dishes ranging from fast food such as burger, pasta, pizza to Vietnamese dishes such as noodles, chicken rice, Hue beef noodle … will surely satisfy the most fastidious. Flexible opening times from 9 am to 11 pm, you are too easy to find the dishes you are seeking.

This is one of the places cannot miss in Saigon – Vietnam luxury cuisine tours.

3, The snack area of Bangkok – Coco5

If you ever come to Bangkok, Thailand, one of the things that you remember the most when you return home is the pavement dishes scattered on the street. Regardless of early morning or late night, Bangkok's streets are always filled with restaurants, selling tempting dishes. What a great news! Street food in Bangkok appeared in Saigon.

As a true destination for Thai food fans, Coco5 sells all kinds of Thailand snacks. From salty to sweet, from familiar dishes to the strange dishes with Vietnamese. Coco5 also follows the street food market pattern. So each dish is sold in a separate stall, the counters are decorated with eye-catching traditional style.

Coco5 is highlight with Thailand cuisine

Coco5 is highlight with Thailand cuisine

With the brand "Thai Street Delicious", Coco5 gathers the most famous dishes of the Golden Temple country. Come here, you can easily find the famous dishes of Thailand cuisine such as Pad Thai, Lod Chong, SomTam, Tom Yam Kung, Crispy chicken Thai-sticky rice, Fried rice with pineapple, coconut fried rice, Thai Steamed Salad, Thai Salmon Salad, Thai Salmon Salad, Thai Mango Salad, Thai Spicy Salad … Besides salty items, sweet items are very plentiful. Thai Coconut cake, Thai Coconut Cream, Thai Tea is served too. And of course, there is no shortage of Thai white tea – the champion in the white teas conquered Vietnamese teen today.

4, Foodcourt Takashimaya

Another place cannot be shortage from the list is the Foodcourt of Takashimaya Trade Center. This place is known as a shopping paradise as well as food, gathering many famous shops and dining chains and unique style from many Asian countries such as Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Korea, Japan …

Japan foods are displayed at Foodcourt Takashimaya.

Japan foods are displayed at Foodcourt Takashimaya

Unlike previous shopping malls, Takashimaya's culinary floor was built and designed with extremely open and spacious spaces. Most of the center of this culinary area is a focal point of pastries, ice creams, none smoked foods. And restaurants which sell fried, baked foods all spread in around the area and are even separated in a separate area. So, when you step in, you will not feel hot or smelly with types of food as the other commercial centers.

5, Food Corner

On weekends and walks, you will find the new food court with about 15 pavilions, snacks, and beverages. At here, visitors can easy to find all Thai, Korean, Western, Vietnamese foods… extremely abundant. Take a walk around the food street if you feel hungry and want to explore cuisine here.

Just come here to immersed in luxury cuisine spaces and enjoy the top foods in Saigon as well as the famous foods around the world.