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4 top delicious food stalls in Saigon

Delicious dishes with affordable prices have made these 4 food stalls famous among Saigon people. Having a food tour around Saigon, you should not miss these. Hu Tieu Ca Can There are many stalls selling “hu tieu” in Saigon, but Hu tieu Ca Can is the most delicious. In this […]


6 well-known specialties of Saigon

One of the great joys of the Saigon people is that they always have amazing delicacies to munch on. Strolling along Saigon streets, you will find countless shops serving bounteous kinds of Saigon street food. Entrée or side dishes are all tasty and try-worthy. If this is your first visit […]


How to happily travel to Vietnam?

If you are craving for a dose of history mixed with exotic culture, Vietnam is waiting for your exploration! But do you know how to happily travel to Vietnam? Let’s check out some Vietnam traveling tips! How to bargain in Vietnam? How to bargain in Vietnam? (Source: Internet) Unlike Europe […]


2 noodle dishes you should not miss in Ho Chi Minh City

Vietnam is a kingdom of noodle dishes, and most Vietnamese have at least a bowl of noodles a day, some, maybe even a few more. Therefore, it is not surprising to find many kinds of noodle soups from the North to the South. If Pho is the signature dish of […]


Saigon Cuisine: A food tour around Ben Thanh Market

Ho Chi Minh City, or better known as Saigon, is a young and modern city in the south of Vietnam. Like any other city in this country, Saigon is full of mouth-watering foods that you could never get enough. Saigon is the heaven for gourmets all around the world. Some of […]


Street Food Heaven Stays In Saigon

Are you a gourmet? Are you fond of exploring a new cuisine? Do you know that there is a heaven for street food staying in Vietnam? Follow us to discover right now. Among different local cuisines along Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City, as known as Saigon, is no doubt one […]


3 must-visit places to try Saigon Street Food

Saigon Cuisine is an irresistible allure of this city. Read on to see the most recommended streets with best dishes in Saigon. Not only well-known as a perfect destination with many historical relics, Saigon is also home to plenty of delicacies. Street food in Saigon is a burning topic which […]



Street food, as any Southeast Asia traveller knows, is one of the culinary highlights in Vietnam. For anyone who has passion in being a Saigon foody, you will not want to miss out the chance to try mixed rice paper – a very special street food in Vietnam. Mixed rice paper […]


Explore the cuisine of Saigon via Saigon Food Tour

Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) is where visitors can truly discover the variety and breadth of Vietnamese cuisine. Thousands of street vendors and eateries provide citizens and tourists with different tasty dishes. To best prepare for your Saigon Food Tours, streetfoodofsaigon have compiled some of the city’s best delicacies. 1. […]


Saigon food – Com Tam

What do you know about Saigon food? Have you ever heard about Com Tam or broken rice? It is one of the specialities of Saigon in particular and Vietnam in general What do you know about Saigon food? Have you ever heard about Com Tamor broken rice? It is one […]