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Attracted by French architect in Saigon

Saigon is always famous for having the beautiful architecture of French. Essential Vietnam tours will give you the best time ever. Do not believe me? Give it a try. Vietnam is famous for having many unique French architecture buildings. And in this writing, let’s find out top places to visit in Southern Vietnam. Notre […]


The use of herbs and spice in Vietnamese gastronomy

Either you are attending a Southern or Northern Vietnam food tour, you may always find that Vietnam cuisine literally bears a distinctive aroma when put on the scale against other neighboring countries. Graham Holliday, an author of the book Eating Vietnam admitted that the harmony of spice and herbs has […]


Southern Vietnam cuisine | What to eat in Mekong Delta

Apart from the tropical natural landscapes, Southern Vietnamese cuisine, especially Mekong Delta specialties are the ones you should not skip when visiting this area. It can be explained due to the fact that Mekong Delta is a special region covered with an immense network of rivers and canals, along with […]


Ad-lib Saigon street food areas roundup | Emblematic names

When the topic of Saigon cuisine is put on the scale, it may take us a lifetime to confirm how burdensome it is. Saigon culinary tour is now something extremely prevalent that you may only need a finger snap to own a high-ranking local food tour guide advise you what […]


Top desserts in Saigon this summer

Vietnam food tours today will show you top desserts in Saigon. These desserts were very popular with Saigon teenagers during this period of time. 1/ Carp Pudding: A carp is put in front of you – fresh and shiny as real, but actually, it is made from coconut or mango. […]


Bot Chien – the snack of the people in Saigon

It is a big mistake if you miss Bot Chien during your Saigon food tour as it is one of the most famous must-eat dishes in Saigon. Coming to Saigon, mentioning about Saigon cuisine, the visitors will easily think about Broken rice. However, Saigon food guides will show you the […]


Top 5 breakfasts in Saigon to discover Vietnam cuisine

Discovering the cuisine of a country is also a way to discover its people and traditions. Today, let’s take a look at 5 best breakfasts in Saigon to find out whether Vietnam cuisine is like what you thought it would be. Saute bread (Bánh mì chảo) Sauté bread Saigon Saute […]


A guide into nightlife in Saigon

Nightlife in Saigon, the biggest, most modern and most bustling city of Vietnam, means very different things in different corners. Down in district 1, smooth jazz bands, high rolling casinos, and rooftop bars are ideal choice forms of nightlife joy in the downtown. The nearby district 3, however, with its […]