Mui Ne – Phan Thiet is one of the most unique tourist destinations in Vietnam, where you have just been immersed in fascinating beaches, experienced the desert on the vast sand dunes.

Mui Ne is also traveling spot known by a huge number of foreign people. It is attractive to tourists not only by its beautiful scenery but also its special cuisine. The following are the top Mui Ne specialties which we should not miss out

Dishes from Basilisk

When being asked what we should eat when taking Mui Ne tours, people often think of seafood dishes. However, there are some delicious, cheap and attractive dishes in Mui Ne, the land of sandy beach with sun and wind. These dishes were made from the basilisk, a reptile living in the sand. Basilisk is quite similar to lizards in larger and longer size. They mainly eat young shoots and drink night dew, so their meat is very sweet.


Grilled basilisk

Locals can process basilisk in seven different ways such as grilling, steaming, and so on. Each way of the process makes distinctive tastes. As the experience of tourists who had tried Mui Ne Vietnam cuisine many times, grilled basilisk dipping chili salt would be the best, especially when eaten and drunk with rice wine. 

When having Mui Ne food tour, tourists can drop in Vietnam Home restaurant at 125B Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, Phan Thiet city to have the food from basilisk. You will satisfy with their food as well as the price of it.

Seafood hot pot

Reaching the land of seas, it will be a big regret if we do not enjoy hot pots whose main ingredients are various kinds of fish. The broth has the sweet taste of some fresh fishes, fresh vegetables and the sour flavor of star fruit or tamarind. It is commonly combined with vermicelli, spinach.

The interesting point of Mui Ne hot pot is that all the ingredients are put in the cover of banana flowers. When eating, you just select what you want to eat and then pour the broth into your bowl.

Seahorse Bistro, at 11 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, Ham Tien, Mui Ne, a restaurant often offering this special hot pot for Mui Ne food tours, is a place for seafood fans.

Tapioca cake

Tapioca cake was made from tapioca flour and some ingredients such as shrimps, pork, bean, … depending on eaters’ preferable fillings.


Tapioca cake

The sweet dipping sauce seems to be an important element of the tapioca cake.  If visitors try them without the sauce, its taste likes no flavor.

It is easy for you to find this delicious and cheap dish from food streets to restaurants on your Mui Ne culinary tours.

Fried snakehead wrapped in rice paper

Cookers do not use any fried flour to make the fish crunchy, so when we fry the raw fish without scraping blisters as a way of processing usually do, it looks delicious and eye-catching. You should enjoy this dish with rice paper, vermicelli, raw vegetables, green bananas, star fruits and peanut spicy sauce.

On making the experience with  Mui Ne tours, let come to AH restaurant at 17 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Ham Tien, Mui Ne to enjoy cheap and strange specialties.

Herring salad

There are many famous kinds of salad in each region of Vietnam such chicken salad in the North, papaya salad in the South, etc. Phan Thiet is also famous for its own salad, herring salad. This fish salad is one of the most attractive and famous salad tourists must eat on the tour to Phan Thiet.


Herring salad

To make the best fish salad, people often choose fresh and big herrings. When processing, they scrap its blisters, head, tail, and bone. After about a half of hours in ice, herrings become fresher and harder. The combination of carrots, onion, hot mints, chili, garlic, peanuts, green banana, and herring bring an appetizing flavor to the salad. The peanut spicy sauce and rice paper are also factors help this dish become much better. For those who love sour, you can add star fruits. 

Mui Ne cuisine is always highlighted attraction to domestic and international visitors. Let start your journey to the land of the sea to explore its beauty.

Finally, we hope that with these delicious dishes you guys will have an unforgettable food trip to Mui Ne this summer.