When taking a trip to the South of Vietnam, you must have tried almost all the famous tourist destinations, even the cultures, and traditions that it owns. But perhaps regional foods haven’t been yet! It means to be sold on the pavement. Let’s go try some delicious dishes because you will be surprised at the amazing Vietnamese’s cooking styles, especially in Saigon. One special Saigon food is going to be introduced below is grilled rice paper.

Firstly, let’s go to seek out what rice paper is when you choose Saigon tours as a journey. Rice paper is well-known as a type of cake of Vietnam’s traditional food-processing industry. Vietnamese people use it for rolling another mixed foods in. Rice paper is made of starch (usually tapioca, corn meal, etc or using the admixture of them) that is spread thinly on a piece of cloth and then put on the rack to air. After having finished, local bakers could dust with some of the food additives into this cake. There are a thousand ways of cooking with rice paper that is up to the matter of people’ taste. They mostly make this food for light meals as snack or nosh. Its savor is comfortable and quite salty that everyone must love to try a tasting. The original Vietnamese name for it is Banh Trang from the South. Some other provinces call it Banh Da, like Thanh Hoa for instance.

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Banh Trang is made by professional cake maker

And with respect to Ho Chi Minh City, one of the most famous styles of rice paper cooking is grill method. In order to make it more perfectly, the important things depend on how long people simmer the cake and which spices are mixed inside (usually scallion, quail eggs, minced meat, etc). The exterior color of grilled rice paper is white but the color when opening up is yellow. That’s exactly the reason why people call them, ‘Vietnamese-style pizzas’. It’s considered to be one of the traditional Saigon street food that Vietnamese youth extremely like. And maybe so do some places else in Vietnam, like Dalat for example. The price of one processed grilled rice paper is much lower than one dollar, therefore, anyone at all age group can enjoy it. And, you can easily buy it by going along the streets where the crowd gathered to have an outdoor picnic or whatever just because it is very popular with them.

A lot of spices are mixed with each other inside one grilled rice paper

To make this type of food many delicious people use furnace bar to cook

Lastly, there are a lot of must-try cafeterias in Saigon. They are certainly Banh Trang Nuong C002, Banh Trang Nuong Le Na, Goc Da Lat, etc. These are a couple of famous places making grilled rice paper where locals usually go to when they have spare time. Imagine while you are going for a walk and you have one with a bottle of soft drink. It’s pretty good! Besides enjoying them, maybe you want to take some time to discover how they are made in reality, let’s go for it! A great number of the rice-paper villages are established so that you can pick up one for visiting and experiencing.

We can take a trip to Phu Hoa Dong, Cu Chi district. This is known as the oldest and largest rice paper village in the South. Phu Hoa Dong rice cake village has a history of more than 80 years, rice paper here is appreciated by natural light sweet. It is not only made from the skillful hands of skilled craftsmen, but also because of the fresh spring water and sweet rice, sweet cassava is blessed for this heroic land. .As you can see, many things to do in Saigon waiting for you to discover and it must be certain that you will have an urge for coming back here again, not only the second time but more also.

To end, both Vietnam in general and Saigon, in particular, have many special destinations. If you are going to learn Vietnam better and get more traveling experiences, you might take more your valuable free time to hit the road. Because any country’s cultures depend on how people of this place live their life. And without doubt, Vietnam will be your loyal fellow traveler!

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