When you are on the big streets in Saigon, you can find many shops, restaurants, or shopping places easily. You might wonder where to go in Saigon. Then give it a try to some of the unique alleys that a few people know about. This will be an extremely interesting experience for you.

In Saigon, there are many zigzag alleyways, winding but very unique, you can easily find a place which is the combination of restaurants, coffee shops, fashion shops, etc. or a small alley that has a diversity of the culinary world in the heart of Saigon. In this writing, you can find the most famous alleys in Saigon.

Celeb alley


Celeb alley

Situated on 59 Nguyen Du, next to the City Post Office, Celeb alley is one of the most beautiful alleys for you to take photographs in Saigon due to its pretty blue color. This blue wall was first painted by an Indian café when they just transferred here. From 3 to 4 years ago, almost every day there are a lot of young people gathered together here to take pictures. There is no place to squeeze at the weekend. Therefore, this alley is a suitable spot for your Saigon group tours at every weekend.

Not only teens but also celebrities like models, singers, actors have used to take pictures here. So this can be said this is the alley taken by many famous people in Saigon. This place is worth being a spot in your list of destinations on your south Vietnam group tours, right?

“Lazy Lane” – all in one


Lazy Alley

 The next point we want to introduce to you is the 158 alleys on Pasteur Street District 1. Many people commented that they can come here continuously for 4 to 6 times a week as they will never get bored. This alley is a gathering place for eating, coffee all night long and even shopping. This makes many people choose it as their nightly gathering point in their Saigon group tours.

The alley is quite dark, so many people do not notice and just passing by. But inside this alley, there are many interesting shops.

 This alley is made up of a small road, which separates the two old apartment buildings. Although it is not a long alley, along two sides and above two apartments in the buildings offer a restaurant, a pretty coffee shop and two fashion shops. Especially in front of the alley, there is a coffee shop opening all night, which is an ideal meeting place for many young Saigon.

This “lazy” alley is well known to many foreigners because it is located in the center of the city and it also has a famous Vietnamese restaurant in the building. For young people, this alley is enough for them to have a super lazy late at night.

This place is quite old and gathering many unique cafes in Saigon. Beside you can find here interlaced three restaurants and a lot of fashion shops. Because of the beautiful scene in the classic style, this place is also a top destination for you to take wonderful pictures.

Meditation alley


An Tu pagoda in Meditation alley

 Listen to the name pretty strange right? The reason for this name is that there are five different temples in this alley. Besides, most of the people in this area are Buddhist, so gradually people around the area give the name of this alley as meditation alley.

You might find it very strange that this alley has so many temples. The reason is that according to local people, the land around the alleyway 498 Le Quang Dinh has been said by many monks that it is precious and rare land. Because of that, before the liberation of the country, not only many temples were built here, but ordinary people also like to rent or buy a house here even this area is not located near the center a bit.

Unlike crowded, noisy and busy traffic on the big roads of the city, when entering the alley 498, you can suddenly felt tranquil and cool.

The above unique three alleys are must-go destinations in your group tour in Saigon. Give it a try, you will like it for sure.