Saigon day tours today will introduce you a specialty of the Southwest people – Mam hotpot.

Mam Hotpot – a traditional dish of Saigon day tours has long been a favorite dish for many people because of its taste which is very delicious, salty enough and its fragrance that can make you hungry from a distance. Mam hotpot is made up of rotten pork, fish, squid, shrimp … and especially hotpot is one of the few hot pot dishes can be combined with a dozen vegetables.

Here are some suggestions for you to enjoy the best Mam hotpot

1/ Mam hotpot of Vy Restaurant:

If you are looking for a clean place to eat and drink, or you do not like to sit in a crowded place, Vy Restaurant is definitely the right place to go.


The menu of Vy Restaurant

The cooker of the Hotpot is a magnetic cooker hot pot, so you keep the peace of mind about safety when eating here with Saigon day tours. The price of a large pot of hotspot is 320,000 dong, and a small pot of hotspot is about 210, 000 dong. If you come here in a group of 2-3 people, you should order a small hotpot, because it is generally a small hot pot of Quan Vy is nearly a big hot pot in other restaurants.

If you go alone, you cannot finish a pot of hot pot, then you should order a bowl of Mam noodle to enjoy. This is an ideal restaurant for a Saigon food tour.

There is also a salad dish made of raw fish and vegetables and spring rolls which are quite good, so after eating a pot of hot pot, you are also recommended to try these two dishes.

2/ Mam hotpot of Ngoc Hanh Restaurant:

With only 350, 000 dong, you can have a large pot of hot pot for 4-6 people and still ensure full and satisfied.

Mam hot pot here cooked in the right Southwest flavor with aromatic sauce, a little salty that make its smell saved in your mouth.


Lots of meat are served to eat with Mam hotpot

A hotpot (usually 350,000 dong) consists of a large Lang fish, squid, shrimp, snails, beef and so on. The Mam hotpot with Lang fish is fatter then with Loc fish, but the smell is better than hotpot cooked with other river fishes.

About the space, this new restaurant is very clean, cool and comfortable since the number of guests coming is still not many. The food would be served quite quickly after being ordered. The staffs are thoughtful and enthusiastic. It is very convenient for you to invite friends to come here.

3/ Nam Bo Mam Hotpot – Cao Thang

A large pot of Mam hotpot is 290, 000 dong. It consists of chili with chopped fish, fresh fish, beef, pork, squid, and shrimp.

Many people admit that the hot pot at the restaurant is quite sweet, but actually, it is not. When the broth is boiled up, the salty taste of the sauce will match with the sweetness, at that time Mam hotpot is extremely delicious.  


Mam hotpot in Nam Bo Restaurant

To enjoy Mam hotpot, the vegetable is an important part that cannot be missed, so that the restaurant has a priority of free vegetables when you call for more, even many times.

4/ Phong Lan Mam hotpot restaurant:

The restaurant is in district 9, near the BCR playground complex. If after a day of fun with games makes you tired, come by Phong Lan Restaurant and enjoy a Mam hot pot with fresh vegetables to recharge energy and enjoy a good meal. This is the perfect restaurant for a Saigon day tour for family.


A rich plate of vegetable in Phong Lan Restaurant

Mam hot pot here included much fresh seafood such as shrimp, squid, fresh fish, snails, beef … all of them are full of nutritious and delicious.

Especially, this restaurant has a special Mam hot pot with crayfish, its price is quite expensive, about 600,000 dong, but it is very delicious, unique and attractive.

5/ Mam hotpot on Dien Bien Phu Street:

Only open from 16 hours to 21 pm but this Mam hotpot stall on Dien Bien Phu street without signs and decorating pieces of stuff picking up a lot of customers from a Saigon group tour thanks to its distinctive flavor and unique sauce.


A pot of Mam hotpot on Dien Bien Phu Street

The Mam hot pot stall was opened from 1995 and until now its taste is not changed, still rich in fishes, meat, and vegetables, although the price increase quite fast. It still remains the taste of the first day. On Saigon rainy days, although selling on the pavement, the stall is still crowded. The warm pot of hot pot with charcoal inside keeps the flavor better and longer.

A small pot is about 150,000 dong with lots of food, attached is a plate of octopus and beef, inside the pot of hot pot has added fish, pork skin, eel and so on. Vegetables are also very rich, making many people of the Southwest miss their hometown.