Top 4 Saigon street foods must-try

Saigon food, a convergence of culinary culture typical of many regions. The delicious dishes are not only served in restaurants, diners, but also gastronomy as well as a "maze" that you cannot escape. Saigon sidewalk snacks have a popular price, but the taste of delicious food, strange flavor that anyone has ever tasted is not easy to forget.

Papaya salad in Le Van Tam park

Gourmets also find it difficult to distinguish the juice of the dish made with soy sauce or fish sauce, only know it scrumptious to surprise when all sour, spicy, salty combined into each other bring “one of a kind” flavor for the salad.

Papaya salad

Papaya salad

Located on the three major streets of Ho Chi Minh City (Hai Ba Trung, Dien Bien Phu, Vo Thi Sau) and near many high schools, colleges, and universities, Le Van Tam Park has long become a meeting point of many Gen Y. Not only stop there, this park also attached to the brand of dry salad, papaya salad is so good that no one can match.

  • Address: Le Van Tam Park, Da Kao, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

To District 10 to eat the most famous Quail fried in butter in Saigon

Not only well-known in Dong Nai streets, this spot is where the Saigonese who love snacks, mentioning going to eat quail, also remember this address. There are only two choices: eat as many quails as possible and have a bird's nest. The menu is so short that it creates the brand for many years.

The quail fried in butter

The quail fried in butter

The fried quail is actually seasoned quail, fried in oil to ripen and the smell of butter is just passing. Quail meat used to chew like chicken but soft and much sweeter. Quail meat has more meat because the bone fragments, fried crispy in the boiling oil should be able to chew both the head and the bone. Many people eat the head of the quail more than eat meat because of the fat, rich spicy. Tearing the thighs of quail, dipping with a little salt with kumquat to taste a sour flavor. After that, chewing sweet meat of the quail to “satisfy” your stomach. 

And probably only at this fried buttered quail has a cup of sauce mixed to crunch the crunchy bread. Actually eating quail is not full because of the small bird should make sure the belly lined two loaves of breadcrumbs. The secret sauce to serve the bread served out always hot, has the aroma of five flavors, garlic and other spices up the aromatic nose.

  • Address: 54 Dong Nai, District 10

Super attractive with the most famous mixed rice paper in district 3

This outlet only sells from 3 pm to 8 pm (or 9 pm depending on date). Especially if you want to eat the most popular Saigon street food here, you have to wait and it’s really hard to queue up.

The mixed rice paper

The mixed rice paper

Mixed rice paper on Nguyen Thuong Hien street is famous for a long time in Saigon's connoisseur teenagers. According to their wife, they are the first people to sell here, so many patrons eat from the past (at present, this street has more than 4-5 stops where serve the same dish). The famous stop is just a small cart on the pavement (the middle of Nguyen Thuong Hien, from the beginning Nguyen Thi Minh Khai to Vo Van Tan) but every day there are hundreds of customers queue waiting. Some guests who come later, there is no parking space will be told by the owner "run around a little bit and back" to avoid the situation of the traffic road to buy “The best street food in Saigon”.

  • Address: 38 Nguyen Thuong Hien, District 3

Snail in Sai Thanh restaurant: Not only delicious but cheap

There are enough ways to make the snail always attractive, from steamed, boiled, fried, fried, roasted to baked, baked with enough spices such as garlic, onions, pepper, chopped lemongrass, lemongrass cinnamon, cheese, butter, …

If the northern dish is more processed in the trend of yin and yang balance by steamed ginger, lemongrass, lemon leaves ... as an afternoon snack, the Saigon people eat snails in many ways and processing more emphasis on spice.

Various way of cooking snails

Various way of cooking snails

There are enough ways to make the snail always attractive, from steamed, boiled, fried, fried, roasted to baked, oven ... with all kinds of spices such as garlic, onions, pepper, chopped lemongrass, lemongrass, basil, cheese, butter ... and can be sold in the day.

In Saigon food tours, you can not help but enjoy the snails here. Snail Saigon is not only delicious but also diverse in terms of type, processing methods, always fresh. This eating snail "money lost" but it really worth, even the opposite is also the opportunity to add essential nutrients are missing from the body

Choose your own well-known and special Saigon street food before heading to Saigon, so that you will not be disappointed when you come here without enjoying this delicious, strange and nutritious food.

  • Address: The end of Truong Dinh street, District 3


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