Saigon street food tour

Recently, the Food and Wine Magazine, a US food and beverage magazine, has released a list of the 10 most popular street food destinations in the world including Ho Chi Minh City, often called Sai Gon with familiar dishes such as noodles, pancakes, sour soup ... in which the patty sandwich stands at No. 1.

7 scrumptious Vietnamese cuisines around Saigon market

Tan Dinh Market was built in 1926, where guests can enjoy delicious Vietnamese cuisine such as Chinese noodles, tapioca noodles, pork rib porridge or specialties throughout the region in Vietnam. If you have a chance to go to Saigon and wonder what to eat when traveling in Vietnam – This article is for you.

Saigon food – Com Tam

What do you know about Saigon food? Have you ever heard about Com Tam or broken rice? It is one of the specialities of Saigon in particular and Vietnam in general

Explore the cuisine of Saigon via Saigon Food Tour

Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) is where visitors can truly discover the variety and breadth of Vietnamese cuisine. Thousands of street vendors and eateries provide citizens and tourists with different tasty dishes. To best prepare for your Saigon Food Tours, streetfoodofsaigon have compiled some of the city’s best delicacies.


Street food, as any Southeast Asia traveller knows, is one of the culinary highlights in Vietnam. For anyone who has passion in being a Saigon foody, you will not want to miss out the chance to try mixed rice paper - a very special street food in Vietnam.

3 must-visit places to try Saigon Street Food

Saigon Cuisine is an irresistible allure of this city. Read on to see the most recommended streets with best dishes in Saigon.

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