4 top delicious food stalls in Saigon

Delicious dishes with affordable prices have made these 4 food stalls famous among Saigon people. Having a food tour around Saigon, you should not miss these.

Hu Tieu Ca Can

There are many stalls selling “hu tieu” in Saigon, but Hu tieu Ca Can is the most delicious. In this stall, hu tieu is cooked in My Tho’s cooking method. The stall is located at the intersection of Nguyen Tri Phuong and Hung Vuong Streets. The space is very simple, even the sign “Hu tieu Ca Can” is faint with dust. However, it is always crowded from morning till afternoon.

A bowl of hu tieu is filled with many layers of ground meat, boiled shrimps, dried shrimps, and dried garlic. But what’s unique and what makes the difference here is the sweet and sour sauce, which is unlike any flavors of other stalls or restaurants.

Bun rieu ganh – Ben Thanh Market

Bun Rieu Ganh

Bun rieu ganh-Ben Thanh market (Source: Internet)

Talking about popular eateries in Saigon, it is impossible not to mention “bun rieu ganh” of Ben Thanh market. Over 30 years, this stalls has become the familiar address of many Saigon people.

A bowl of rice noodles here is not too big, but the quality with broth, fried tofu, pork, tomato slices and large “rieu” are cover the whole bowl. Each bowl of rice noodles here is served with a small bowl of fresh vegetables and a plate of sauce consisting of shrimp, tamarind, and chili flavors.

Bun dau Mrs. Khan

Bun Dau co Khan

Bun dau Mrs Khan (Source: Internet)

As one of the pioneers who bring “bun dau mam tom” to Saigon, there is no surprise that this stall of Mrs. Khan easily won the hearts of many Saigon people. Because this street food is such an easy dish to eat and is too addictive that this stall is always full of tables.

This stall lies in Cong Quynh Street with simple decoration and it specializes in bun dau (dried rice noodles eating with fried tofu, boiled pork, cucumbers, and herbs, …). Besides, there are other dishes such as bun gia cay or bun oc chuoi dau and other northern snacks such as pillow cakes or fried rolls...

Oc Dao

snail dishes at Oc Dao

Snail dishes at Oc Dao (Source: Internet)

Located in Saigon center, the famous snail stall Oc Dao on Nguyen Thai Hoc Street can never be missed when it comes to Saigon street food stalls. It’s not only famous for its delicious snail dishes but also accidental celebrities’ meetings.

To many foodies, the quality of dishes here is impeccable: good seasoning with fresh, tough, and firm snail. Therefore, there is a funny saying that when eating snails in Oc Dao, people just want to get bread to eat all the sauce on the snail dish so that the owners do need to wash dishes because they’re too clean. Another plus point for this stall is that fast serving that diners rarely have to wait.


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4 top delicious food stalls in Saigon

Delicious dishes with affordable prices have made these 4 food stalls famous among Saigon people. Having a food tour around Saigon, you should not miss these.

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