One of the great joys of the Saigon people is that they always have amazing delicacies to munch on. Strolling along Saigon streets, you will find countless shops serving bounteous kinds of Saigon street food. Entrée or side dishes are all tasty and try-worthy. If this is your first visit to Sai Gon, you definitely ought to try the below food list from streetfoodofsaigon:

Saigon street food

Sai Gon Street food (Source: Internet)

1. Saigon Broken Rice

When it comes to Sai Gon, the first eat everyone will probably think of is "Broken Rice". This is so familiar that the Saigonese may delightedly have it from breakfast till… dinner! (3 bowls a day). This is also one of the signature dishes of Vietnam cuisine. Other provinces also have their own “Broken Rice” which replicates the style of Saigon’s “Broken Rice” but of course they are not up to par, not to say Saigon’s iconic viand’s level.

Saigon Broken Rice

Saigon Broken Rice (Source: Internet)

This dish is called “Broken Rice” because it was previously cooked from rice which was cracked, i.e broken or has crooked form, not “beautiful enough” to be classified as high-quality rice. The most popular one is broken rice with grilled ribs, but with the huge creativity of Vietnamese cooks, other versions have been brought to life as well such as “Broken Rice” with roasted chicken, shredded pork, or sunny-side-ups …

2. Hu Tieu Ca

Hu Tieu Ca

Hu Tieu Ca (Fish Rice Noodles)

Fish Noodle is a famous dish of Chinese originated Saigonese in Saigon. The kind of fish used for this dish is fresh snakehead fish. They are got rid of bones, then cleaned, sliced and marinated with salt and seasoning. The stock is made from pig bones so it has a special flavor. Added to the soup, except the popular herbs, is another special spice known as Cambodian cabbage. Fish noodle will be served with lettuce, mung bean sprout, chili, lemon wedges and soy sauce.

3. Nam Vang Rice Vermicelli

Nam Vang rice noolde

Nam Vang (Phnom Penh) Rice Noodle (Source: Internet)

Nam Vang Rice Noodle is known as a "multi-ethnic" dish because it originates from Cambodia but processed by the Chinese and served in .. Sai Gon. Noodle is also as popular as “Broken Rice” in Saigon city but Nam Vang Noodle has its own taste made of its variety of materials.

Nam Vang Rice Noodle originally has pork chunks and minced pork but in Saigon, it is “recreated” with many kinds of foodstuffs such as shrimp, pig’s liver, quail egg, squid, etc. And the indispensable ingredients when enjoying Nam Vang Rice Noodle are vegetables like cilantro, tongho, chive, and sprout. There are two types of Nam Vang Rice Noodle, dry noodles, and broth-based one. Dry noodles are added with soy sauce, fried garlic and a bowl of soup.

4. Green Papaya Salad

Green Papaya Salad

Green Papaya Salad With Shredded Jerky (Source: Internet)

With the sweetness of the beef sauce and crunchiness of papaya, the Vienam groovy cuisine Papaya Salad With Shredded Jerky is another favorite of Saigon people. The price is about 15,000 VND -18,000 VND (less than 1$) per plate. Many young people often go out together to eat this scrumptious salad when in the mood for something tasty. The bestselling papaya salad stall is probably at Le Van Tam Park, District 3. When you arrive there, someone will give you a tiny stool to sit around the tree. After ordering, a person will bring a dish of the papaya salad for you. The papaya salad in Le Van Tam Park is just a pavement stall but has existed for decades. The seller there adds a few pieces of crispy souffle on the dish so its taste is more special than others.

5. Ravioli Soup

Ravioli Soup is an acclaimed eat of Chinese cuisine. On the scale of Saigon in particular and Vietnam in general, not only Chinatown has Ravioli Soup, but the restaurants owned by original Chinese has been creating the up to par dish as well.

In Saigon, Ravioli Soup is sold in diverse streets and the most noteworthy one is Ha Ton Quyen Street (District 11) with over dozens of eateries serving this dish. The Ravioli Soup process is almost identical to that of wonton but Ravioli's size is larger and it has more ingredients in the filler. Now people are generally made it from shrimp, pork, vegetables …which are minced, mixed, added with condiments reasonably and wrapped by the wonton wrapper. Ravioli can be processed in many ways, such as cooking into soup, steaming or frying, and usually served with choysum, low in fat and palatable. It is an amazing choice for your Saigon food tours.

6. Milk Tea

Milk tea

Milk tea (Source: Internet)

The above is about What to eat in Saigon, what about what to drink? In every corner of Saigon, milk tea is sold near and far. Believe it or not, each milk tea shop has its own smashing flavor. If you do not like sitting in shops to enjoy milk tea, the takeaway is your best bet.  Phuc Long milk tea is in the mainstream today.

Considered as a groovy location, Bach Dang Wharf earns its stripes in this the map of the best Milk Tea shops in Sai Gon. There is no place more appropriate than this spot to chew the fat with your cronies. The milk tea has a quite strong tea base, so you may be "intoxicated" if you drink it when your stomach is empty. However, it is an adored beverage for many young folks.