Month: May 2018


3 must-try dishes of saigon street food

Vietnam cuisine is so marvelous and unique with many kinds of food. One of the attractions of Vietnam food is street food, especially Saigon street food. Street food or sidewalk food is the foods or drinks prepared and served on the footpath with small plastic tables and chairs. Therefore, the […]


Pho in Vietnam food cuisine

Food cuisine is one of the attractions that draw people around the world to visit a country, besides tourist destination. And when it comes to this, you can tell a lot of the country and its people just from the food there. This is the case of Vietnam and its […]


Are you ready to fill your belly with Saigon street food?

Saigon is one of the largest cities in Vietnam which is also called “the city that never sleeps”. So do not worry about not having anything to deal with your hunger at late night. Life in Saigon always seems to keep moving ceaselessly, even more dynamically when the sun goes […]


Specialty Broken Rice in Saigon Food Tours

Saigon is a land of multiculturalism, thus cuisine of Saigon mixed flavors of many regions. And broken rice is very popular in South Vietnam, this type of cooked rice is also found in others places in the Central, Northern and overseas. Although not honored as Pho but broken rice has […]


Vietnam dos and don’ts

Vietnam has a great cultural diversity of various interesting and unique customs. There are also many dos and don’ts that tourists should take them into consideration when you travel to Vietnam. Let’s check out some top Vietnam dos and don’ts and take some note so that you won’t be involved […]


Saigon food tour

Saigon is a major cultural and tourist exchange point in the South. Saigon food is famous for hundreds of different dishes, which contributes to the richness of the Vietnam cuisine. The theme of my post is about some Saigon food guides. One of the great joys of the Saigon people […]


Saigon food tours – impressing luxury food streets

When it comes to Saigon food tours, nobody can ignore the attractive street foods at here. Because It is delicious, nutritious and cheap. However, tourists should one time stop here, visit and enjoy the luxury dishes at famous food streets listed in Saigon. 1, Saigon Garden Mentioning to this complex […]


Saigon street food and its reputed nostalgic eateries

There are clearly a lot of things to do when traveling in Saigon. The list varies from food and beverage to sightseeing and relaxation as well as recreation. However, if not discovering Saigon in an accurate way, you would probably be easily skipping many interesting experiences that show the true […]


Saigon with four favorite specialties

Our country is more and more recognized as the World’s prominent cuisine industry. And the best way to prove it is through the best Vietnam culinary tours. A lot of people admit that Thai food, Chinese food, Mexican food or French food are probably the best types of cuisine the […]